Personnal sexy cam martinique

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Personnal sexy cam martinique

(now also avaliable for win95/98/nt users) Current version: V~ *what is my [email protected]* N~, your current [email protected] is U~ *what is rofl* N~, Rolling On the Floor Laughing. AG antivirus You can get an anti-virus program @ antz N~, ANTZ was a very well done movie, great graphics, good plot, and they spared no expence hiring people to do the voices. anzus Australia, New Zealand, United States ao Account Of aoa Abort Once Around [NASA, Shuttle] aoc Advice of Charge (I.256 B) aoe Application Operating Environment [AT&T] aof Advanced Operating Facilities [CTL Modular One] aohell What most people call aol aol AOL booted from efnet: HELLO, A/S/L aos Academic Operating System aoss Auxilliary Operator Service System ap Additional Premium apa Adaptive Packet Assembly apache The best webserver for Un*x ( apal Array Processor Assembly Language [ICL] apar Authorized Program Analysis Report [IBM] aparen Address Parity Enable [IBM] apb All Points Bulletin apc AMARC Protocol Converter apcug Association of PC User Groups apd Avalanche Photo Diode apda Apple Programmers and Developers Association api Application Interface apics American Production and Inventory Control Society apj Astrophysical Journal apl A Programming Language apm Advanced Power Management [IBM OS2] apo Alpha Pi (? *where*get *darkbot* thinks that N~ should know by now that W~ is the place to get darkbot! It's on the same level as Toy Story (but better plot). *you think *bot* yeah I do : P d Personal Mode: Deaf - This lets you become deaf to all channel messages, though private messages you still recieve. This does not prevent you from sending channel messages i Channel Mode: Invite only - This makes so a channel op has to invite a person to the channel before they can join. More info about DCC can be found @ *ggp* N~ : ggp means Got to Go Pee or Poop or Puke or it can mean Go Get Pepsi *what*is* lol* heard lol means laughing out loud *what*is*bbl* B e B ack L ater *what*is*lol* Laughing Out Loud *what*the meaning of life* 42..what's the real question? action eats bot* grabs N~ by the head, then yells UPPERCUT! AQ antidisestablishmentarianism The longest word in the English Language.

opme join #i_am_a_lamer and you will get ops and feel right at home " double quotes # hash #$%^nut Qbasic #darkbot thinks #darkbot is the place to go to see what bot can do! the only thing I fear is my mother-in-law *back orifice* for info on removing this very harmful program, goto: *bad* *bot* is the baddest bot that ever lived and dont you forget it N~ *bot* *drugs* says NO! *bot is not* a person* N~, thats right, I'm an automated robot. ~HELP *can *one answer question* N~, sure, but first you have to ask the question. s* fwaps N~ we don't like spammers in here, someone kick this lamer *free*webspace*server N~, see *free*xxx*pics* fwaps N~ we don't like spammers in here, someone kick this lamer *frontpage extentions* thinks about Microsoft coding for *nix and pukes *get* *lost* *bot* no you get lost N~ bots rule! *give me *ops* sets mode: o N~ *handcuff* N~, you're not trying to get kinky on me are you? *hides in *corner* better make sure its not bellona's corner *how* *send* *mass* N~ :to send mass messages hold the alt key down and hit the f4 key *how*r*u*bot* is happy, tho he'd be better if he had some candy *how*write a bot* The best way for a beginner to write a bot is to use the scripting language of their client, such as m IRC, p IRCH, ircle, or irc II. Syntax: /admin adn Abbreviated Dialing Number adonthell a free role playing game that combines the best features of the Final Fantasy and Ultima series with an epic plot inspired by J. advice see GUIDANCE ae Above or Equal, Application Execution aea American Electronics Association aeb Analog Expansion Bus [Dialogic] aec Atomic Energy Commission aef American Expeditionary Force (see BEF) aegis Advanced Electronic Guidance and Instrumentation System aere Atomic Energy Research Establishment [UK] aeris hot babe from ff7 aerm Alignment Error Rate Monitor af Adventures in Fantasy, Air Force, Audio Frequency, Auxilary carry Flag afacts Automatic FACilities Test System afads Automatic Force Adjustment Data System afahc As Far As He's Concerned afaics As Far As I Can See afaik A s F ar A s I K now afatds Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System afb Air Force Base afc American Football Conference afcac Air Force Computer Acquisition Center afcc Air Force Communications Command afe Analog Front End afge American Federation of Government Employees afghanistan afghanistan is .

*slaps bot around a bit with a large trout* slaps a large trout around a bit with a N~. alpaq Active Link Pack Area Queue[MVS] alpha Alpha is Latin for "doesn't work." alr Advanced Logic Research, Inc. alru Automatic Line Record Update als Advanced Launch System [Space], Automated List Service als_iq 127 out of possible 130 - find the test at intelligence test.

*slow* *dns* speed it up with the freeware util at Square/Stadium/1851/ caution:1 bug found use the exit button not the x to close it *speed up dcc* to speed up DCC send in m IRC, use these 3 commands: /dcc packetsize 4096, /pdcc 8192, /fsend on..number 8192 in pdcc is ignored *spice up your life* -kick C~ N~ : SPICE THIS! alt Alternate (mode) altavista one of the best search engines on the net, find it at N~, try looking @ To unselfishly help others without self concern.

*water* *cpu* water cool your cpu see btw this is nutz *what* *dcc* : DCC - Direct Client to Client protocol. eg: super = purse, etc anc All Number Calling [telephony] ancova Analysis of Covariance andf Architecture-Neural Distribution Format andorra andorra is .

Supports various things such as DCC sends of files, DCC Chat (secure chat), among other things such as whiteboard (found in VIRC). AD anf Automatic Number Forwarding [telephony] ang Air National Guard angell *pokes* N~ angell's second law give i Ce all of Angell's snickers angell's third law Never let i Ce take Angell's snickers angola angola is . AI ani Automatic Number Identification anif Automatic Number Identification Failure anl Argonne National Laboratory anm Answer Message (SS7: in ISUP) annoying yes you are anova ANalysis Of VAriance anpa American Newspaper Publishers Association ans Answer Message ansi American National Standards Institute ansi_colors [1;33m ANSI [0m antarctica antarctica is .

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Gorditas.." *thank*bot* :) *unban*me* N~ you must talk to a channel op of the channel you are banned in, /names #channel, to get a list of people in the channel. Humorous term for the Commodore Amiga personal computer.

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