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Osu speed dating

They had to have their wits about them at all times and work out complicated problems on the spot.

They learned to sharpen their perception and insight, developing their instincts to a point that seemed almost superhuman.

The ninja underwent rigid training to learn ninjutsu techniques at secret camps, usually set up in the mountains.

The schools were scattered throughout central Japan, with most situated in Iga and Koga provinces.

Ninja put just as much stress on the spiritual and mental aspects of ninjutsu training as they did on purely physical action.

When walking around the side of a structure, a ninja pressed his back to the wall and stepped sideways to prevent detection. They were extremely adept at breaking into enemy castles and spent long hours practicing wall climbing.

They also stressed leaping to be able to jump across rooftops and to avoid their enemies by hopping across chasms, over walls and fences, etc.

The art was handed down from father to son as a trade, and a number of great ninja clans arose. The members of one clan would often be in hire of one lord and thus pitted against warriors in the employ of another lord.

At such times, it always paid off to have a few secrets in one’s bag of tricks that were not generally known to others.

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Daily ninjutsu training focused on becoming adept in the use of the sword, bow and arrow, spear and Close attention was also paid to wall climbing, river crossing and the use of special devices. The late Seiko Fujita, who claimed to be the 14th master of the Koga school of ninjutsu, said ninja could walk the 350 miles between Edo (now Tokyo) and Osaka in three days.

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