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1.) To start off, let’s go into System Preferences and click on the International button (on the top row of icons).

Once the International window comes up, click the Formats tab on the top.

From the Date & Time preference window, click the Clock tab to see the configuration options for your Mac’s menu bar clock.

To show the date, find and check the option labeled Show date.

Once you’ve made your display choices for your Mac menu bar clock, you can close System Preferences.

There’s no need to save or reboot; you’ll see your date and clock display change instantly.

When you do, a drop-down menu will appear showing the complete date (i.e., “Tuesday, July 21, 2015”) listed at the top.

As some mentioned before, Make sure to be on MEDIUM on the “Times” tab.

Here you will find details on how Mac OS X displays dates, times, numbers, currency, etc.

2.) In the Dates section, click the Customize button and the window pictured below will pop up. Click inside the white text box, select all of the text in it (Cmd A), and copy it (Cmd C). 3.) Next, we’re going to go into the Times section and click its Customize button.

If you’re forgetful like me and often have no idea what time, day, or even month it is, then you’ve probably been let down time after time when you look to the clock on your Mac’s menu bar and only get some of the information you’re in search of.

Sure, Leopard introduced a dynamic dock icon for i Cal which shows the date, but it’s inconvenient to look to the top of the screen for the time and then to the bottom for the date. With a few easy tweaks, OS X’s menu bar can be edited to show the full day, date, and time so it’s all always available for a quick glance.

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It actually doesn’t display the seconds though, just PM, which is perfect, because that’s what I wanted. You can experiment with what formula gives what output by doing a Copy/Paste of the little lozenges into a text file. At least some of my confusion was that what worked in Tiger to do this seemed to work differently in Leopard, so that sorting out all the options was driving me nuts.

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