Original dating game board game

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Original dating game board game

One of the most difficult areas many couples face is handling the family finances.

These questions may lead to some contradicting answers. Whatever the ages of your “newlyweds,” we guarantee our selection of questions will provide insight and fun for those being questioned and those observing.

Earlier that year, she learned to play a version of the Landlord's Game, called Auction Monopoly, from her brother, who learned it at college.

Early in 1930, Hoskins taught it to her fellow teacher Cyril Harvey and his wife, Ruth, and the Harveys played it with their friends Jesse and Dorothea Raiford.

Todd then taught the game to his hotel guests Esther and Charles Darrow.

He included the three railroads that carried the wealthy vacationers to the resort, and the utility companies that serviced them, as well as the parcels of real estate of varying prices. In the early days of Monopoly, players who wanted their own copies of the board took a piece of oil cloth and copied it in crayon.Charles Darrow actually knocked off his Monopoly from a game played by a group of Atlantic City Quaker teachers.Like previous monopoly players, they had personalized their game after being introduced to it by players from Indianapolis.The board for Phillips' game bears a striking resemblance to the one for Monopoly, except that names, drawings, colors and the like are different.Its painted with blocks for rental properties such as "Poverty Place" (rent ), "Easy Street" (rent 0) and "Lord Blueblood's Estate " (no trespassing - go to jail).

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