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Opensolaris ips selective updating

Hipster is a rapid development branch where software versions are frequently updated.

While every package is tested to ensure stability, caution is nevertheless warranted when deploying Hipster into mission critical production environments.

A longer term goal is to use the errata to revise and condense these titles into a significantly smaller collection which more closely follows the current development state of Open Indiana Hipster.

The Open Indiana project is the open source community which develops, maintains, and supports the Open Indiana distribution, an Illumos based Unix-like operating system derived from Open Solaris.

You may also continue to use the legacy The Open Indiana distribution provides a basic set of packages, along with some extras.

There are also 3rd party repositories which provide additional packages.

For a comprehensive history of the Open Solaris project, see Jim Grisanzio's Open Solaris timeline.

Open Indiana obtains its name from Project Indiana, an open source effort by Sun Microsystems (now Oracle Corporation) to produce Open Solaris, a community developed Unix-like distribution based on Sun Solaris.

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This melding of software from many different open-source projects is similar to how Linux distributions use the Linux kernel along with software from the GNU and various other open source projects.

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