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During the online dating process, you will be interacting with a number of people and your email address will be your primary form of communication.It is a good idea to set up a brand new email address without using your real name so your identity is not easily identifiable by possible scammers on the website.And distance is less of a factor than it used to be in the past. It can help to get away from your computer monitor and think about how you would get to know someone in the normal ‘offline’ course of things.By the way, in the ‘What my potential partner should know about me’ section of your profile, maybe give an indication of how mobile you are prepared to be. We don’t walk around with our age stamped on our forehead, and if you genuinely click with somebody, how much does it bother you if he or she is a little bit shorter than your ideal – or maybe even enjoys the occasional cigarette? Don’t be afraid of too much of a good thing Once you’ve broadened your search criteria you might find yourself faced with dozens and dozens of profiles on your list, but don’t feel you have to examine every prospect in detail.These security questions are designed to help you reset your password if you should ever forget it.

will ask you to choose one or two security questions when you set up your email address.

While the standard security questions are fairly straightforward, if someone knows you well enough, they may be able to guess the answers to your security questions as well.

If a third person is able to figure out your security questions, they can not only reset your password but can also hijack your account.

Read our Password Security Tips if you need help choosing a good password.

Without adequate password protection, a scammer may even steal your email address and get access to other information you may have stored in your inbox.

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