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Filipinas have already scored some points in the fake marriage game.

First of all, they are Asian and beautiful, 2 qualities that have been proven to be greatly appreciated by western men, so they already start with a good advantage. Romance scams have been going on for quite a while in the Philippines, so scammers know pretty much how the story goes.

Even a scammer’s entire family can be involved, and will play along.

Many clients get help from private investigators in the Philippines to get the evidence they need. She requested you to get started right away any process involving fiancée visa, international marriage or a citizenship request.

There are many dating sites designed especially for those looking for Asian love, and although some claim to have anti-scam protection (whatever that means), there is no guarantee of being safe. Here are some of the most important red flags on Philippines marriage scams: 1.

Second, a great part of the Philippines population speaks English, which makes communication easier for establishing relationships with wealthy foreigners from Australia, the U. The relationship gets to a point where you haven´t got married but you find yourself paying for all her expenses every month.

The trust and love grow because you won’t be spending much time for each other if you don’t have any feelings.Most of the Filipinas dating foreigners that you see in your areas have gotten their boyfriend or husband from online dating sites.There are tons of incredible love stories from these dating sites.Romance scams in the Philippines, and everywhere else, happen mostly because of these great differences. Many Filipinas, unfortunately, view foreigners as an opportunity, a gateway to a better life, and love is not always a factor in this fairytale.Income and human development opportunities are certainly not the same in Philippines as they are in the United States, U. Women and men from poor and developing countries find those from developing a rich soil for fraud business, because there is a good chance that whomever they meet has a decent financial status, or at least good enough to provide a better living situation or an opportunity to leave the Philippines in search for a better life –under the protection of a resident or citizen legal status.

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However, the point here is you don’t need to roam around and look for someone because white men are also available online and they are also looking for a Filipina friend, girlfriend or wife. First, you are in your own country and you are with your own family. The men on the other side of the world can’t harm you in any way.

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  1. I’m not the type of person that is going to go out there and just try to come on to you and say ‘are you or are you not into these types of things? “I haven’t dated any girls here, they’re really picky. Vera continued, “It’s much easier to be with guys because there is a higher population of them so it’s easier to get with them.