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It may even apply to social or financial scenarios like dating or identifying the best stocks to invest in. But, as the model shows, at their hearts are relatively simple principles.

"Such simple intuitions can actually predict things quantitatively," said Matthieu Barbier, an applied mathematician at the Centre for Biodiversity Theory and Modeling in Paris.

In this case, it's better for anglers to share the tuna's location.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, and their location is only valid for a limited time.

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But the ideas are general enough to apply to a wide range of problems and situations. For example, Hein said, this kind of model can make fishing more sustainable.

If fishermen are more efficient, they can catch the same amount of fish in a shorter time.

Congress now has just a few legislative work days to figure out a more durable and bipartisan path forward on a host of issues before facing another shutdown crisis.

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But letting fishermen be more independent, without sharing information, might actually be the most efficient option, Barbier said. In some situations, it may only be beneficial to have total collaboration or total independence. Because people and animals tend to change behavior gradually, they may never try the extreme case and discover that it's the optimum strategy.

For example, if solitary fishing is actually the best strategy, fishermen who are used to working together may never realize it's better to be alone.

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They found that the best strategy depends on the mobility of the prey.