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With the rise in popularity of steel cans the glass industry had to innovate, and their answer was the stubbie.

Carlton Brewery decided to pitch in and quickly developed a brigade made up of volunteer brewery workers.

In an ingenious marketing ploy, any hotel that agreed to sell Foster’s received a free supply of ice and the concept of drinking a cold beer on a summer's day (up until this point beer was consumed at room temperature) quickly caught on.

The economic depression of the 1890s hit Victoria hard and forced many breweries to close whilst the remaining companies became locked in a fierce price competition.

In 1907 the Foster’s, Carlton, Victoria, Shamrock, Mc Cracken and Castlemaine breweries decided that the only way to survive was to band together and Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) was formed.

CUB quickly became a success by taking a scientific approach to brewing, resulting in better flavours and greater consistency.

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Carlton Brewery also employed Charlie Pannam, the first VFL player to reach 100 games and Richmond’s first captain in its inaugural VFL season.