Onilne dating opinions

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Onilne dating opinions

So, you have to take it with a grain of salt ..hope for the best..you work out a system of meeting that works best for you.

Instead of thinking it doesn't work or having a negative attitude..at as a way to network in your pj's lol....you know, when your relaxed and just enjoying yourself..may be surprised about who's around the next corner (or email as the case may be) I've been "online" in various ways since about 1982 ( back when 128 bits per second wasn't that slow) and I have encountered ever form of fakery and deceit one could , electronically.

And the attraction you have developed isn't swayed by the immediacy of an encounter in the real world.

Too often someones physical charms sway you into a relationship whose basis isn't rooted on a realistic grasp of what they want or need.

I have yet to meet a decent guy who wants to take it slow and allow both of us to see if we connect and who wants a friendship first. But as for dating goes...no, I haven't found 'the one'...although, I haven't met him in person either so I can't blame the site or real life... However, I've made friends, business contacts and just basically people with the same general view as me..I can't call that a waste of time at all!

The forums have also given me a good perspective of other opinions and have changed my outlook on numerous subjects....

Meeting someone who will fill all your desires is virtually impossible ..unless your desires are of the simplest physical kind.

He then asked me out for dinner and cuddling after.

Obviously he didn't pay attention to what I said before and IMHO all he wanted was sex because he bought me lunch. This is what I run into all the time on dating sites. I've made some amazing friends here..(men and woman).

Just enjoy the site for what it is...........I shall venture a guess your life will be enriched by the people you do meet, regardless of whether they are 'the one'.^^BG^^I just rejoined this site on the advice of someone I talked to.

They told me to access the forums to hopefully meet some good people as I don't have family close by and I just lost my good friend.

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If you ask me, anything you approach with a negative attitude is a waste...