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Albeit an unnecessary evil, douchebaggery knows no limits and crosses all races, classes, genders, sexualities, political affiliations, and the like.

In particular, there's been a dreadful influx of douchebags that have set up shop in Chicago's renowned Boystown neighborhood.

Obnoxious in personality, he thinks he is being funny but really he's being just another douchebag.

He for sure has a crush on his hot friend and will stop at nothing then to prevent you from hooking up with his hot friend crush.

I've been actively going out in Boystown since I was 21-years-old. The neighborhood does seem to attract a certain type of douchebag that would parade around in H&M and try to pass it off as Saks – the pretend fabulous. I miss the good ole days when most douchebags were quarantined to Division Street for nightlife outings. I'm not saying that douchebags aren't found on other scenes and neighborhoods.

Now, at 27-years-old I have accumulated six years worth of experiencing, observing, losing brain cells, avoiding, cringing, and more all over Boystown's douchebags. I've spotted an unhealthy share of douchebags on Hubbard Street in River North that stay with a freshly, popped collar.

The Academic I just love a brilliant mind – it's sexy!

Unfortunately, if you're living your life you have to navigate or worst condescend to interact with these community of sophomoric people who consider Ed Hardy vintage couture and think it's alright to bring Svedka to house parties – everybody hates that guest by the way.

But since the gay men's community tends to do everything on a larger and grander scale from our lifestyles to our relationships at times, this heartbreakingly, regrettably, and inevitably means we have bigger douchebags as well.

So, in no particular order, I decided to list our community's adorable little mistakes that bring down the social value in Boystown.

He also enjoys the most exclusive in RSVP events that are open to the public – the kind where a mere email gets you on the list.

His pretentious demeanor is only out shadowed by his diluted sense of access. or being pictured in CS magazine at some boutique opening that was already open to the public does not mean you're sitting at the table. This douchebag is well into his 30s, probably pushing 40 but still thinks he's a fresh college grad – assuming he graduated.

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He'll have a reason, statistic, and mathematical equation of why guys reject him time and time again.