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He compared Tunisian prisons during the years of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's authoritarian rule to the kind of abuse experienced by Iraqi prisoners in the US military-controlled Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq.In a soft-spoken voice, Brahem recounted before the hushed room how the dreams of change and democracy of young students in the early 1990s vanished in the darkness of prisons cells where systematic torture was customary.

It is the first such project to exist in the Arab world, with the exception of a less extensive commission in Morocco.Nabil Barakti, one of the founders of the Communist Workers Party, is another political activist who died at the hands of the police.He was only 26 when he was arrested on charges of distributing leaflets in 1987.He was burned with cigarettes, stripped naked, suspended in roast chicken position, flogged, beaten, urinated on and sexually harassed."The recurrent torture can only lead to losing (one's) mind or becoming mentally unstable," he said.

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