No validating documentbuilder implementation available

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No validating documentbuilder implementation available

As such, we'd strongly recommend completely avoiding the use of this class and replacing it with a safe or properly configured XML parser as described elsewhere in this cheat sheet.

There are many 3rd party libraries that parse XML either directly or through their use of other libraries.

XPath Expression is similar to an Unmarshaller where it can’t be configured securely by itself, so the untrusted data must be parsed through another securable XML parser first.

Feature(" false); Feature(" false); sax Feature(" true); sax Feature(" false); sax Feature(" false); SAXBuilder builder = new SAXBuilder(); Feature(" Feature(" false); Feature(" false); Document doc = File(file Name)); Since a bind.

Depending on the parser, the method should be similar to the following: Disabling DTDs also makes the parser secure against denial of services (DOS) attacks such as Billion Laughs.

If it is not possible to disable DTDs completely, then external entities and external document type declarations must be disabled in the way that’s specific to each parser.

To use these parsers safely, you have to explicitly disable XXE in the parser you use.

The following describes how to disable XXE in the most commonly used XML parsers for Java.

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The following versions of the Spring Framework are vulnerable to XXE: There were other issues as well that were fixed later, so to fully address these issues, Spring recommends you upgrade to Spring Framework 3.2.8 or 4.0.2 .

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