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Every player picks one hand-card faced down, and then reveals it simultaneously.

According to the numbers on the cards and a few simple rules, the cards are then placed next to the 4 rows one by one.

Wonder Pack provides 4 wondrous monuments to be built and marveled at: The Great Wall of China that has 4 stages covering various aspects and unprecedentedly doesnt need to be built in sequence; Abu Simbel of Egypt where mummified (discarded) leaders give victory points; Stonehenge of England where stones are of value; Mannekin Pis of Belgium which allows its owner to apply effects of the neighbouring Wonders. has the same objective of shedding cards for the least bullheads at game-end, but game starts with only 1 discard pile.

With most Wonders benefiting from neighbours, explore plenty of strategic varieties in every game with this 7 Wonders: Wonder Pack Expansion. On your turn, either shed a card which is no more than 10 larger than the top card of the discard pile or take the entire discard pile into your hand.

If you need to place the 6th card on a row, you must take all 5 cards of the row while your card will start the row afresh; hence the literal translation of the game title "6(,) Take! Objective of the game is to collect the fewest number of bullhead.

Each round each of you secretly pick 1 out of 3 commonly known agenda.

is one such elegantly designed German card game you should not miss.

You are a leader constructing one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.

At the beginning of every age, you employ a leader card to gain a special ability, build a stage of your wonder, or simply gain some money; shaping the direction of your subsequent play.

With 7 Wonders Leaders, successful harness of leaders will lead you to success.

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