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A You Gov survey carried out in October 2012 found marked differences in attitude toward Page 3 among readers of different newspapers.61% of Sun readers wished to retain the feature, while 24% said that the newspaper should stop showing Page 3 women.Whether it was editor Larry Lamb or Murdoch who decided to introduce the Page 3 feature is disputed, but on 17 November 1970, the tabloid celebrated its first anniversary by publishing a photograph of 20-year-old Singapore born model Stephanie Khan in her "birthday suit" (i.e., in the nude).A sub-editor misread her name as Stephanie Rahn, a German surname.The first edition featured that month's Penthouse Pet, Ulla Lindstrom, wearing a suggestively unbuttoned shirt.

The Sun only gradually began to feature Page 3 models in more overtly topless poses, with their nipples clearly visible.Critics argued that Page 3 was misogynistic and objectifies and demeans women, while others believe that it was inappropriate for a generally circulated national newspaper.Campaigners advocated for legislation to ban Page 3 or tried to convince newspaper editors to voluntarily drop the feature or modify it so that models no longer appear topless. The Irish edition of The Sun dropped topless Page 3 models in August 2013.Some campaigners have sought legislation to have Page 3 banned.Others, wary of calling for government censorship of the press, have sought to convince newspaper editors and owners to voluntarily remove the feature or modify it so that it no longer featured a topless female model.

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