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My daughter is dating a girl

This theme is also found in the Bible’s stories of God’s courtship of humanity as a man would court a potential bride.

Build friendships on shared values, mutual respect and trust.

For now, put dating and finding a mate in the column of secondary pursuits.

According to “The Rising Cost of Not Going to College,” a recent survey by Pew Research Center, Millennials who complete college have lower poverty rates, lower unemployment, are less likely to living with their parents, and are more likely to get married.

For now, my daughter’s attending a community college. In either case, as she meets new young men, new opportunities a different world than what she’s been used to will open up to her.

I want her to take with her a bit of fatherly wisdom to guide her and help her to avoid some of the perils and pitfalls that could derail her dreams.

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