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The women learn later that they should have put off wedding plans in order to test the strength of this commitment, because all too often, these men convert back to Islam when their families pressure them.

The sobering truth is that the number of Christian converts to Islam is growing rapidly.

Sookhdeo believes that some 30,000 Westerners have converted to Islam in the last decade—the majority of them women.

Clearly, our churches need to do something about this.

Fifty percent of the audience raised a hand—astonishing!Any children they have will be raised Muslim-and great pressure is put on wives to convert.Some women marry with the best of intentions: Their husbands are recent Muslim converts to Christianity.Miriam had been raised a Christian, but had turned against God when her mother died.The simplicity and security that Islam seemed to offer appealed to her: She decided to convert and married a Muslim man.

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It was while vacationing in Turkey that Miriam, a British subject, became fascinated with Islam.

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