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Guys who are trans-oriented like me ( just like those in the pic, I will present you them in future articles on my blog ).By one side, what had helped me to understand better myself, beyond direct experiences in real life, surprisingly has been the internet web in the last decades.Later on, I decided to open a second website exclusively dedicated to Asian Ladyboys, since my girlfriend is a transsexual girl from the Philippines.Then I've created La Mia Ladyboy, always for Italian public.During my teenage, I started to notice my "particular" (?) attraction ( or diversity for who want to see it that way ).

Hi there, I'm Andrea Del Riva, an Italian man, 39 years old and the author of this blog.

But in a more simple way, I prefer to address myself just as a trans lover, which is somehow more easy to understand its meaning.

I know that labels are not so important for some of us ( or even hated ), but for better understanding to who is not so familiar with the LGBT lingo, I'll employ some whenever it is necessary. ) things now, and I'll tell you something more about myself.

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I didn't know yet how to face and accept it, on the contrary, I was trying to reject it... I never felt any physical attraction, neither feelings for a man, but when I was seeing transsexual girls...