Ms access textbox not updating co stars and dating

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In the New Form dialog box, click Design View, and then click OK.Using the Text Box tool in the toolbox, add two unbound text boxes to your form.

Can somebody tell me why is this so and what needs to be done to capture the data not only on the datasheet but also the actual table as well.

Mac, Tried entering the string into the default value box -- still no change/update to the table fields. This article demonstrates this technique by using the Date Serial function to calculate the future date in the controls on a form.

Also added the Dates Serial string to the default value as you prescribe. For example, you can enter a date in a control on a form and calculate a date that is six months in the future from the original date.

The value displayed in the Future Date text box is six months after the date in the Start Date text box.

Inserting a plus ( ) followed by a number after the year, month, or day in the appropriate part of the function calculates a date that number of units in the future.

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Many different types of data can be displayed in text boxes, and you can also use them to perform calculations.