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Hundreds of other students were involved with the geologic mapping of the volcanic areas.The skills and experience each student gained along the way have opened doors to graduate schools, employers and entrepreneurship. "Supervolcanoes discovered in Utah: Evidence of some of the largest eruptions in Earth's history." Science Daily. When water interacts with magma, it can dramatically increase the explosivity of the eruption.

Scientists have uncovered evidence of a previously unknown large volcanic eruption in the Caribbean Sea.Helens -- because they aren't as obvious to the naked eye and they affect enormous areas."Supervolcanoes as we've seen are some of earth's largest volcanic edifices, and yet they don't stand as high cones," said Christiansen.Evidence of the ancient flora and fauna was preserved by volcanic deposits.The research group, headed by Christiansen and professor emeritus Myron Best, measured the thickness of the pyroclastic flow deposits.

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