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SPOILER: Here is a sample: In a free week if you decide to choose Flay Gunnar (guy with mech sword) his scenario mainly involves improving the main characters self confidence, but he does it in the most embarrassing way by getting him involve in his "super hero" adventure whereby they wear masks and go around the school to save people in danger...

(in which most cases it is mundane stupid stuff like doing homework) or not...

And that's how you will be able to get their endingsplus like Growlanser the more you talk to them which means they will like you better, each characters status portrait changes to happy to blushing (with the guys just having a big grin) so it's pretty much the same as Growlanser (though they took this off in Growlanser 5 and 6, their portraits won't change)and also in the middle of the story you will only be able to choose one char to help you out...

so if you keep talking to that char you choose that's the only way to get them blushing in their status portrait (only the girls don't know what happens with the guys...)so think of it as relationship points to the max with that char already.

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The delegation arrived just weeks after Kim made a surprise visit to Beijing and met Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The North's official KCNA news agency said Kim welcomed Song and his delegation in a meeting on Saturday at which Song conveyed Xi's "warm greetings".

The two exchanged "profound views on the important matters of mutual concern" and the international situation, KCNA said, without providing details.

KCNA also issued a rare separate report on Kim's wife who attended a performance by the Chinese art troupe on Saturday in the absence of her husband.

"First Lady Ri Sol Ju enjoyed a ballet choreodrama 'Giselle' given by the National Ballet of China," KCNA reported, adding she held "friendly talk" with the guests ahead of the performance.

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Song is leading a Chinese art troupe attending a spring art festival held as part of the commemorations for the anniversary of the birth of the North's founder Kim Il Sung on April 15, 1912.