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While considered primitive people by some, the ancient Mayans were surprisingly adept at astronomy and mathematics and developed one of the most accurate calendars ever devised by man.The most well-known Mayan calendars are their cyclical calendars: the Haab, Tzolk’in and Calendar Round.A combination of high-resolution accelerator mass spectrometry carbon-14 dates and a calibration using tree growth rates showed the GMT correlation is correct.The Long Count counts days from a mythological starting point.Additionally, the Long Count calendar includes Haab and Tzolk’in dates The greatest similarity between the Biblical calendar and the Mayan calendar’s Haab (“year” in Yucatec Mayan) is that both use are luni-solar calendars.And, of course, the calculations which both calendars are based on are complex and deeply rooted in each culture’s religious and agricultural traditions, as well as their knowledge of the solar and lunar cycles.The amount of carbon-14 in the atmosphere is incorporated into a tree's incremental growth.Atmospheric carbon-14 changes through time, and during the Classic Maya period oscillated up and down.

This system counts 5 cycles of time—days, months, years, centuries and millennia.

The Tzolk’in calendar is regarded as a sacred calendar. Instead, it follows a sequence of 20 day glyphs which work in conjunction with the number 1 through 13 to come up with 260 days.

This calendar synchronizes with nine cycles of the Moon, which is the typical duration of a pregnancy.

In the 1950s scientists tested this correlation using early radiocarbon dating, but the large error range left open the validity of GMT.

"With only a few dissenting voices, the GMT correlation is widely accepted and used, but it must remain provisional without some form of independent corroboration," the researchers report in today's (April 11) issue of .

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In the Haab calendar, a month of 20 days is called a uinal, and each of the 18 uinals have their own name.

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