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Debbe Dunning plays Rochelle Alpert for one episode in season 5, as a model and arch nemesis of Kelly Bundy.

The two girls compete as they audition for a spot in a car commercial.

With her big red hair and her never ending bon bons, Katey Sagal changed everything we had in mind about television moms when she was cast to play the iconic role of Peggy Bundy.

While she wasn’t considered the ‘ideal’ housewife at the time as she wasn’t a great cook and wasn’t taking of the household chores like the ‘typical American mom’, she brought a different kind of charm, a sassy and a seriously hysterical one.

In 2009, he became the head of another famous sitcom ensemble on Modern Family and for his role as Jay Pritchett, was nominated for 3 Primetime Emmy Awards and won 4 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

In 2016, he starred as Hank the Octopus in the highly anticipated Finding Dory, the sequel to Finding Nemo.

” Off-screen, Debbe was a successful model until she retired in the early 2000’s.

with Children is packed full of famous guest stars and great talents.

One way or another, each celebrity on set contributed a little extra oomph to one of the most favored, longest-running sitcoms in television history.

For his role in the hit show, he won a Golden Globe and was nominated for 4 Emmys. The character’s biggest idiosyncrasy was how everyone in his life called him by his full name, including his wife. with Children, Bell made several, minor appearances on modern tv shows.

On The Amanda Show, starring Amanda Bynes, he played the running-gag bodyguard outside of her set and was also seen as the “mystery guest” on How I Met Your Mother.

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Juliet Tablak had a recurring role when she played Amber, Marcy D’Arcy’s niece who was sent by her mom to live with her aunt in order to get her away from the neighborhood she was living in L. She soon becomes Bud’s object of affection and the the two a very sexual relationship. The 42 year old has had four appearances on the show between 19. with Children he had already become a national treasure.

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