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This wasn’t the first time we had met: That had happened in the fall of 2004, when we were both undergrads at Harvard. I’m going to be celibate starting right now, so two years from now, I can take the long course.” Very quickly, I realized, This really sucks and I’m not going to be able … But why stay celibate if you had decided to go the other route and get married? I think it’s a rare person that would be called to do it.

It was my freshman year and the first half of Cuomo’s senior one, having taken a break to put out the second-through-fourth albums of his band, Weezer. So, right now, my brain thinks I’m in Hawaii, which counteracts the fact that I just came from London, which will help me adjust to L. I don’t want to do this for the rest of my life, therefore, I want to get married. Oh, because I wanted to keep doing the long courses and I wasn’t married yet. It was tough and it was extreme, and I could feel that it was influencing me in ways that were imbalanced. I want to go as far as I can on this spiritual path. I guess I would evangelize to the point of saying, “Check it out. This is it.” And of course I had to try the course. Not to make things about me too much, but I’ve been thinking a lot about how I need to get my life together and be more whole and moral and purpose-driven.

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You’ll really analyze stuff on the Spotify top ten. As I was debating this very question that you asked, as I was starting to work on this album, I went to Spotify and looked at, say, the rock playlist, the main rock playlist, and I could look at all the lyrics and say, “Okay, how many of these are about romantic relationships? What I was gonna say was, to what extent have you analyzed your own early music to see why it works? This is going to sound weird, but it wasn’t until I discovered Sam Harris’s podcast [] that I started to feel some of that need for intellectual-hangout, cafeteria, lunch-room conversation to be satisfied. There are way more things I want and need to do in my life than I possibly have time for. Probably no one else would think it’s amazing, but for me, it is.

I don’t mean like, business, career-opportunity connections, but more like creative connections. Some of the songs on this album still go there, for sure.

It’s catchy, and it’s high-energy, and it’s fun to play. We play all different kinds of shows: big festivals with not many Weezer fans, and then we were just playing these clubs with two or three thousand people in Europe, packed with older … We’re just going to make the most exciting record we can make. The new songs have to earn their place in the set list. Such a deeply satisfying time in my life: intellectually, and spiritually, and creatively, and socially. It’s the same loneliness I felt touring on , on the bus. But I heard you’re taking a Harvard computer-science course online. I sing about it in the song “QB Blitz.” I was trying to get at least my wife — “Let’s do this together. Algebra.” And she’s like, “Uh, no.” [.] So I did it by myself and then I got into [the Harvard class] and I think I’m about — I’m on problem-set six now out of eight, plus a final project. I did that and, of course, I started back in the ’90s, just on paper.

” Or, how much were clearly about something different? They could be about relationships, or they could be like you’re singing about your cat or your dad or something. Do you have a sense of what makes “Buddy Holly” tick, for example? I mean, I have nothing interesting to say about it. It’s very different in different places around the world. We’re going to do whatever we want to do; we don’t have to worry about any audience, pleasing any demographic. Now, I listen to him every day and it’s like, I’m listening to smart people talk and debate the issues, and I feel a little less lonely. I mean, you have a family and a band who know and love you. I just can’t even imagine putting graduate school in there, as fun as that would be. I started with Khan Academy doing algebra, and I really enjoyed that. The real accomplishments I’ve made in coding have been with hiring other programmers. I have a database of over 5,000 lines of lyrics, just isolated lines — ‘cause a lyricist, a songwriter, will have, in their phone, maybe a list of 50 lines to get them started on a song or something, or if they need a line.

Sample story: “This hot school girl finds herself very lonely in her home.

Her parents had left the office before even she could wake up.

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His presence was surreal for everyone, but he kept a low profile and was going through a period when he was refusing to play or even listen to music. Like that essay: It’s so full of suppressed horniness, and that’s not the most interesting place to write from. This is the first and the deepest commitment of my life — to this spiritual path — and that is for the rest of my life. You’ll know if it’s something that’s right for you. I’m thinking that I need to engage with Jewish faith.

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