Lithuanian dating customs handling dating competition

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Lithuanian dating customs

Sand dunes line an attractive coast; the Curonian Lagoon (Lithuanian: Kuršiu Marios), almost cut off from the sea by the Curonian Spit, a thin 60-mile (100-km) sandspit, forms a distinctive feature.It is bounded by the Žemaičiai Upland to the east, which gives way to the flat expanses of the The lowland, consisting of glacial lake clays and boulder-studded loams, stretches in a wide band across the country from north to south; some portions of it are heavily waterlogged.

The mean temperature for January, the coldest month, is in the low 20s F (about −5 °C), while July, the warmest month, has an average temperature in the 60s F (about 17 °C).

When they're unmarried, their names will change depending on what the surname of their father ends with.

Based on that ending, they will receive the father's surname with a specific new ending.

In the southeast there are sandy soils, somewhat loamy and moderately podzolized.

Sandy soils in fact cover one-fourth of Lithuania, and most of these are blanketed by woodlands.

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