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Liquidating united states savings bonds

Preparing to Redeem Your Savings Bonds Redeeming Your Savings Bond Community Q&A If you have ever received U. savings bonds as gifts or purchased them yourself as a low-risk savings vehicle, you may be wondering about your options for redeeming them. You can redeem them at a local bank, a Federal Reserve Bank, or online.

To redeem a savings bond, visit your local bank and bring the bond and photo ID.

Heirs generally owe income tax whenever they cash savings bonds, and estate taxes may take an even larger slice.

For example, heirs who receive 0,000 in E or EE savings bonds from your estate may have to pay income tax on ,000 or more of built-up interest.

Depending on the interest rate, you might be able to get a higher rate of return with another investment.

You might need the cash for another purpose, like paying down debt or buying a home.

Furthermore, the full 0,000 could be subject to federal estate tax, leaving them with only a fraction of the bonds’ value.

To benefit both the Church and your estate, you can provide in your will or trust that savings bonds are to be left to the Church.

You might want to cash an EE Savings Bond for a variety of reasons .Julie Mayfield began her freelance writing career in 2006 and has written extensively for e How.She is also the Business and Entrepreneurs Feature Writer at If you don't have an account at the bank, you may need to also provide a signature.When you arrive, inform a representative at the bank that you'd like to redeem your bond.

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One way to offset tax liability when you cash savings bonds – and create a lifetime income – is to enter into a charitable gift annuity or other life income gift arrangement that will provide future support for the Church and lifetime income to you or another, plus a charitable deduction that may eliminate all taxes from cashing your bonds.

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