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Posted by / 13-Apr-2020 17:16

Many shoppers were quick to notice that the deals at Toys “R” Us’s liquidation sales weren’t as good as they were expecting.

Went to Toy-R-Us to see the sales and it all just 10% off right now the only things that are worth it are the big items like cribs and so on. — Trish🌻 (@perftrish) March 23, 2018 What’s more, Toys “R” Us stores are known for high list prices, so their discounts could be less meaningful than retailers with less inflated regular prices.

Before assuming that anything you see on clearance at Toys “R” Us is a great deal, whip out your phone and do some quick comparison-pricing to see what competing retailers are charging.

Toys “R” Us says that liquidation sales at stores that are closing are final, with no opportunity for exchanges or returns.

So you should assume that you’re stuck with whatever you buy during the Toys “R” Us sale.

Each store is on a mission to clear out its inventory and yield the most money possible.

The inventory at each Toys “R” Us store is different, and the selection at each will shrink as the days pass and stores are picked over.

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