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You can figure the additional tax directly on your Form 1040, or you can use Form 5329.Your best option depends on your particular tax situation.Generally, you would calculate the additional tax penalty on Form 5329 if you qualify for one of the exceptions and your retirement plan did not report the exception on Form 1099-R in box 7.

(a) The contracting officer shall prepare the certificate of eligibility for a contract that the contracting officer deems to be of material consequence, when— (1) The contract financing office requests it; (2) Another interested agency requests it; or (3) The application for a loan guarantee relates to a contract or subcontract within the cognizance of the contracting officer.“Federal Reserve Board” means the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. By Executive Order 10480, August 14, 1953 (-53), as amended, the President has designated the following agencies as guaranteeing agencies: (a) Department of Defense. (2) Rates of interest, guarantee and commitment fees, and other charges that may be made for loans, discounts, advances, or commitments guaranteed by the guaranteeing agencies through the Federal Reserve Banks.“Guaranteed loan” or “V loan” means a loan, revolving credit fund, or other financial arrangement made pursuant to Regulation V of the Federal Reserve Board, under which the guaranteeing agency is obligated, on demand of the lender, to purchase a stated percentage of the loan and to share any losses in the amount of the guaranteed percentage. These prescriptions may be in the form of specific rates or limits, or in other forms.(d) While eligibility is being determined, the Federal Reserve Bank will make any necessary credit investigations to supplement the information furnished by the applicant financing institution in order to— (1) Expedite necessary defense financing; and (2) Protect the Government against monetary loss.(e) The Federal Reserve Bank will send its report and recommendation to the Federal Reserve Board.

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“Guaranteeing agency” means any agency that the President has authorized to guarantee loans, through Federal Reserve Banks, for expediting national defense production. (3) Uniform forms and procedures to be used in connection with the guarantees.

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