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Lincolnshire echo dating

A reporter had received a call at 2.30 pm from a reliable source, who had informed them that Ms Lovett had been involved in the attack and had died.

A reporter had also telephoned Lincolnshire Police to make enquiries; they were not aware of any local involvement in the attack. The newspaper noted that the attacks in Tunisia were of international importance, and that in such cases editors had a responsibility to keep the public informed.

He had then informed the rest of the family of her death.

The newspaper denied that it had breached the Code; it said that it had waited several hours to publish the information, until it had received confirmation from multiple sources that it considered to be reliable that Ms Lovett had died and that the family were aware.

Shortly after midnight, Ms Lovett’s fiancé, who was in Tunisia, had been taken to the hospital to see Ms Lovett, who at that stage had been identified as “a casualty”.

On arrival at the hospital he had been asked to identify her body.

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The publication of the information that Ms Lovett had died, so soon after the attack and before it had been confirmed to her immediate family, was a serious failure to handle publication sensitively and a breach of Clause 5.

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