Lesbian dating in seattle best background check for dating

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Lesbian dating in seattle

I work hard, enjoy the outdoors, athletic, love history, and very community involved.I'm not the clubbing type, not a heavy drinker, big into bbqs with friends and family. , caring, spontaneous, flirty, loyal, protective, trustworthy, passionate, freaky in a good way, laid back, fun, silly, giving, honest, confident but not cocky, southern girl I'm a pretty easy going girl, I love my close friends and making new ones.We could hike and camp and be close with nature together.I want someone that will travel the world with me and swim in deeper oceans, so to speak...stay grounded with me and value Netflix binge nights at home Just looking for a friend first...I dont have many hobbies around the house, other than crocheting and reading.

I am not looking for something right away as I am very recently getting out of something and to be honest I am hurting but want to move on..were together 6 months..met while I was pregnant (by someone who was an asshole and took off to California).I had just moved into a place and he lived across the parking lot and after a couple months decided to move into a house together in Silverdale..yes we are currently living together he sleeps in the other room and things had been bad then found out he was on several dating sites talking to girls this whole time even when I was in the hospital having a baby..had been making me feel so badly..here I am... I have 3 girls who are everything to me that are 10, 6, and a baby girl who was born on June 20th..obviously not looking to go out and party right now having a newborn lol...

I like having a glass of wine at night sometimes when she's settled down..it would be nice to find someone to talk with and hangout with..I see it shows my real name so I guess I'll explain that lol...it's Kele pronounced Kay-lee...there's an accent mark on the first e to sound like an a...it's Hawaiian..baby girl I just had has the same meaning for her name in Hawaiian..name is Kaliah :) I'm currently a bartender, and i love my job.

I only work a few days a week so I try to get out and do things on my days off.

I have unconditional love to give, to the right person.

As for an "Ideal Match" I can't say "I want THIS in a girl" when I feel so strongly about being open to chance.

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Tinder had just come into popularity, and I thought that meant all I had to do was swipe a little and women would come falling in my lap. My first experience with the women into women section of Tinder, or what I like to call “Lesbian Tinder,” was about five swipes and a notification that there were no more women in my area.

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