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Twenty five years ago to the day Virgin Atlantic's inaugural flight – containing such Eighties names as Uri Geller, Katie Rabbet (remember her?

), Bonnie Langford and Suzanne Dando – landed at Newark aboard a distinctly second-hand 747.

Last year I travelled with Sir Richard to Kenya, where he disclosed that he was investing in a progressive tourism conservancy located just outside the renowned Masai Mara wildlife reserve.

The conservancy is a much need alternative to the mass tourism models that are currently blighting the Mara and Sir Richard's involvement was welcomed by local environmentalists.

Lesbian superhero Batwoman will be getting her own television show on the CW.

"Up to now we've spent 0m on this, so we're ahead of the game because we haven't actually made that amount of profit," he says.

"We pay them fairly but we wouldn't pay them so much that we'd bankrupt the airline . Her name is Cheryl Morley and the flight service manager, Chris Morley, is her father.

He worked the cabin on that inaugural flight in 1984 and says he's delighted his daughter is working for the airline.

With that endorsement ringing in his ears, Sir Richard is up out of his seat and off towards the back of the plane where he will glad-hand his passengers, pose for photographs and generally revel in his role as the people's entrepreneur.

Virgin may have evolved into an international company employing 55,000 people and Sir Richard may be listed as the world's 261st richest man but he still sees himself as he was in those far-off days – a hippie entrepreneur, a buccaneer, a rogue – even if it seems that he is doing it more by rote than conviction these days.

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It all started, he tells me, several years ago when Al Gore came to see him as the former American vice president was about to release his film An Inconvenient Truth, his stark warning about global warming.

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