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Such development platforms however offer only limited functionality and customizability.

(Marutitech blog) A developer can choose to use a rule/retrieval based approach, here you simply write a pattern and a template.

The next step will be to implement the Continuous Bag of Words (CBOW) model, which is a form of word embedding.

CBOW is a model of simplifying representation used in NLP.

In probability and statistics a generative model is a model that generates all values for a phenomenon, both those that can be observed in the world and "target" variables that can only be computed from those observed.

For our example below, we will first preprocess the data and then train the generative model using sequence 2 sequence.

Such a bot replies with one of the templates when it encounters a similar pattern from the user.

Rule based models tend to perform poorly when they encounter completely new sentences.

In 100% of attempts to actually engage in conversation, I was hassled sexually. ONCE, just once out of thousands of attempted chats, a dumbass tried to get me to download and test his “homework assignment” which was a keylogger script.

Below is a link to a paper on building such a Persona-Based Neural Conversation Model There are two important concepts that one needs to understand when learning about chatbots.

That is the chatbot publishing platform and the chatbot development platform.

A chatbot publishing platform is a medium through which the chatbot can be accessed by the users i.e.

FB messenger, LINE, Telegram or Whats App, on the other hand a chatbot development platform is a tool that can be used to create a chatbot. Beep Boop, Flow XO, Botsify and Chatfuel can be used to build chatbots without writing any code, this is done by simply using a drag and drop interface.

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Here we work on converting the variable length sequences into fixed length sequences.