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Posted by / 05-May-2020 16:18

), sponsored by Senator Catharine Young, Senator Elaine Phillips, Senator Terrence Murphy, members of the Senate Republican Women’s Caucus, and others, would prevent individuals from engaging in misconduct that creates a hostile work environment in either the public or private sectors, and encourage victims to come forward.

New Yorkers will now have the protections and safeguards they deserve.

Their courage has awoken America to the stunning magnitude of the problem and created an overwhelming demand for change, not only in our culture, but in our laws.

While egregious cases from Hollywood and the media industry have garnered the most attention, millions of workers across the board in public and private settings need and deserve to have safeguards.

The Senate is acting to create the safer workplaces all employees deserve by providing a comprehensive fix that incorporates key proposals from both Republicans and Democrats.

It protects victims, gives them a voice, holds individuals accountable for their unacceptable behavior, and safeguards taxpayer money from being used in individual settlements.

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When it does occur, laws and policies must be in place to empower individuals to speak out and to hold offenders accountable for their wrongdoing.