Internet dating market analysis

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In October last year, for example, a video-only dating app named Tickr was launched to allow users to upload videos of up to 30 seconds in length.When users ‘tick’ each other’s videos they are able to send messages or have live video chats.Mintel’s research also analyses consumers’ motivations for using online dating websites, as well as the remaining barriers for those who have not looked to find a partner online.The report covers the online dating industry, including both straight and same-sex sites.This trend is partly driven by a rise in the number of single people within the population.The last Office for National Statistics census in 2011 revealed that over 15.7 million adults in England and Wales had never been married, up from 12.5 million in 2001.With much of the earlier stigma surrounding online dating gone, the principle challenges are around ensuring the experience offered is fulfilling for users.

Twenty-two per cent of people believe that online dating is ‘unsafe’, while 71% of people who have tried it say that people misrepresent themselves on their profiles.Further challenges include tackling market problems in regards to safety, information protection, false profiles and scamming.Abuse directed towards women online has gained more prominence in recent years and if unchecked could be a potentially very damaging issue for the industry.Twenty-nine per cent of people who have used a dating service claim they did so because their friends were using the same site, while a further 28% say the service was explicitly recommended to them.These reasons come ahead of TV advertising, which prompted just 14% of people to use a site, respondents claim. Mintel reports that UK advertising expenditure by online dating sites has fallen significantly from £34.4m in 2011 to £17.6m last year.

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It is followed by (8%), e Harmony (4%) and Tinder (4%).

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