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Some people may get on the defensive hearing someone else say negative things about your relationship.

It is normal to try to defend your relationship and justify things that are negative, making excuses for the other person.

This relationship is not going anywhere and is doomed.

How long should I wait for him to call or to return my phone call? If your boyfriend is cheating on you, has cheated on you, or is looking for other people to date, you need to end the relationship if you want to avoid further heartache.

Let’s talk about the emotional aspect of a break up versus staying in a dysfunctional relationship.

Let’s look at all these questions starting with the question is the break up necessary?

Examples would be trying to make the other person jealous consistently, comparing the other person to others including one’s ex’s and resulting negative feedback, for instance, saying things like, “My ex girlfriend was such and such, and you are not like her”, or making a public statement that an ex was hot, super smart, etc.

No one wants to get involved with a person who has baggage and unresolved issues.

If you feel you are still very much attached to your boyfriend you are trying to dump, you may want to hold onto dating unless you feel that the only thing that’s holding the relationship together is your fear of being alone.

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