I wanna free sex chat without any login

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I wanna free sex chat without any login

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Safer Sex More than condoms - thinking and acting safe sex What is Safer Sex? • Cuddling, stroking and kissing • Vaginal sex with a condom and a water-based gel such as KY Jelly • Massage • Rubbing • Anal sex with a condom and a water-based gel • Mutual masturbation • Masturbation • Oral sex with a dam/Lollye (a thin square of latex which fits over the vagina or anus) or a condom covering the penis SAFER SEX AND ALCOHOL DON'T MIX Emily, 17: "I was at a party and there was this guy who kept going on an on about how he wanted to sleep with me.

" Alcohol and drugs are half the fun of going to a party.

In order to use the Site or any services provided here, you must have attained the age of majority in your jurisdiction.

If you're too stoned or drunk to know what you are doing, you are putting yourself at risk…of having unsafe sex; of having sex when you didn't really want it or having sex when you definitely didn't want it, which is rape. You could wake up pregnant, with a sexually transmitted infection or just feeling rotten about yourself. Party Rules • Decide how much you're going to have BEFORE you go out and stick to it • Slow down the effects of drinking before you go out by having something to eat and drinking water, not alcohol, when you're thirsty • Hang out with people you trust • Agree with a friend beforehand to tell you when you're making a fool of yourself.

Agree to do the same for your friend when they get off their face • Do not stick with anyone if they're making you feel uncomfortable to pressuring you • Say no at any time if you want to • If you think you might end up having sex, take a condom • Plan how you're going to get home.

Users should implement parental control protections, such as computer hardware, software, or filtering services, which may help users to limit minors' access to harmful material.

You acknowledge that if Your computer can be accessed by a minor, that You will take all precautions to keep our Materials from being viewed by minors.

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Get into the habit of rinsing your equipment with water straight after use as this is the best way to get rid of any blood • Remember, just because you can't see any blood on a syringe, it doesn't mean that it is free of the virus • Always wash your hands immediately before and after injecting yourself or anyone else • Dispose of syringes and needles in a safe, disposable container. Always get a tattoo or piercing done at a licensed studio that uses disposable needles or sterilises the needles it reuses (in an autoclave, which heats the equipment to such a high temperature that it kills off any viruses).