Hunter parrish dating allison tyler

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Hunter parrish dating allison tyler

Married Chris and Victoria married at a young age They had a daughter, Allison, in the mid-1990s Both were dedicated to the Hunter Code and lifestyle Chris assisted Victoria in killing herself at her own request after she accidentally got the Bite from Derek Chris continues to wear his wedding ring as a widower Victoria: "I can feel it-- it's happening. In the mid-1990s, they had a daughter, Allison Argent, who they shielded from the Hunter life until they moved back to Beacon Hills, California when she was a teenager, not wanting their only daughter to be burdened with the secret of the supernatural world and the duties that came with being a Hunter.

Help me..." The relationship between Hunter Chris Argent and Hunter-turned-Werewolf Victoria Argent Chris and Victoria met each other presumably when they were teenagers and ultimately married in the late 1980s/early 1990s, dedicating themselves to each other and to the Hunter Code and lifestyle.

Chris' grief over Victoria's death caused him and Allison to leave the Hunter life for several months (after Allison's brief violent phase of seeking revenge for her mother) while they visited extended family in France, though they ultimately returned to it and became members of Scott's network of allies and pack members who were dedicated to protecting Beacon Hills from supernatural threats.

When Araya Calavera made a comment about Victoria honoring the Code until her dying breath, Chris argued that Victoria would have better honored her family by living as a Werewolf, implying that he regretted assisting her in her suicide.

What we know, the truth, what we know about the world?

That makes us responsible-- for a young couple, their daughter, anyone who doesn't have the power to defend themselves. In Teen Wolf, Hunters are a secret organization of self-appointed protectors of the human community from supernatural threats; though they typically focus on Werewolves, they have also been known to hunt other supernatural creatures as well, such as Berserkers, Werejaguars, and Kanimas.

After it was revealed that Scott, too, was a recently-turned Werewolf who had been bitten by then-Alpha Peter Hale, Chris and Victoria's distrust of him and their desire to keep him from interacting with their only daughter was sent into overdrive, causing Chris to threaten to kill Scott until Allison promised that they wouldn't see each other again, and leading both Chris and Victoria to summon Chris' father Gerard Argent to town to help them deal with the growing supernatural population.

Typically, once the young Hunter has finished their training, they will then begin to actively hunt supernatural creatures and defend humans, though this can vary among families as well; occasionally, if there is a large amount of supernatural activity in their region, the young Hunter may already have been going on hunts while still in training.They also set up dozens of surveillance cameras around the school so they could watch Allison's every move while also monitoring every phone call, text, and email she sent and received, forcing her to go to great lengths to hide her continued relationship with Scott.When Victoria found a note from Scott in Allison's textbook that said "Remember I love you" and was warned by Scott's mother, Melissa Mc Call, that the two were still having relations, Victoria became furious and went against the Code (which dictated that they only hunt adult Werewolves after they have proof that the Werewolf has spilled innocent human blood) by plotting to kill Scott herself.This organization has been around for centuries and are located all around the world, and they usually consist of large, old human families who also recruit among their friends.The Hunters have their own rules and hierarchy within their organization; the most notable among these rules is that, because they recognize that most wars have been started by men, they have a matriarchal leadership in which their daughters are trained to be leaders and their sons are trained to be soldiers.

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Fortunately for Scott, despite Chris' earlier argument, he eventually agreed to help them out of fear that Boyd and Cora could harm innocent people while in their rabid state of mind.