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Today, HSB continues to let users easily make color adjustments.

Hue, Saturation and Brightness Called "HSV" by its inventor with the V meaning "value," the hue (H) is the color pigment represented by a 360-degree circle (0=red, 60=yellow, 120=green, 180=cyan, 240=blue, 300=magenta).

Both S and B are measured from 0 to 100% or from 0 to 1.

The limits for defining colors are altered by setting the parameters max, max1, max2, max3, and max A.

After changing the range of values for colors with code like color Mode(HSB, 360, 100, 100), those ranges remain in use until they are explicitly changed again.

"var_b=var_max so HUE=";hue end if if ( HUE I've written some functions for converting HSL directly from HSV and back.

However, it assumes the S, L, B, and V values range from 0 through 1 rather than from 0 through 100.

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I could only find code that I could easily port for RGB to HSL.

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