How young is too young dating

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I'm presently talking (and have a lot in common ) with someone where there is a 15 years difference between us - whether he's younger or older is irrelevant - we're both adults, and neither one of us is delusional, desperate, in denial, sick, twisted or naive.

My general rule of thumb for both "older" men AND women is to leave teenagers and young adults (under 25) alone - it has nothing to do with "morality" or religious/societal/cultural trends or beliefs and everything to do with common sense - kids need time to grow into their own and are at a clear disadvantage when paired with someone who's much older than they are -When a guy's in his 20's, and a woman 10 years is in her 30's or around 40, it's creepy when they're unattractive, hot when they are attractive.

As a result women for the most part look younger longer than men of the same age.

I have seen men in the early 20's that work outside and already have rather deep crows feet.

As to the ops question as long as the men you date are legally adults and you are both happy being with each other, why worry about what others think?

2) When I was 18-23, as long as a woman was physically attractive to my standards and we got along well, I wasn't a bit freaked out by her being a bit aggressive. Likewise if one has children and doesnt want more, and the other wants to raise their own. I don't think it's creepy if you really enjoy their company, although the generation gap can be a prob sometimes. So, keep in mind that I can't speak for all men, but just myself and other guys who have my attitude towards dating, and here are the answers I would give.1) My normal age range for dating, would be between 24 - 30, for women I am seriously considering dating with relationship potential.

I think you're on the perfect track with not letting age be a factor in deciding whether or not he's right for you. Younger men are great in a lot of ways- one of the best benefits is they're usually open to training! Caution goes a long way when you start to become serious or long-term.

LOL in the bedroom and in the relationship in general. In my experience, I had a child with a guy 5 years younger than me and found out the hard way how immature he was. You wouldn't want to fall in love with the wrong one, especially when children might be in the future.

I dated women in their 30s when I was in my early 20s.. If you think any 21yo guy is interested in 34yo beyond sex then your pretty out to lunch. So yes I am sure there are 21 year old men that date 34 year old women and there is more to it than sex.

Age means nothing with think age means nothing for a relationship then I think you must be pretty immature. Just as I am sure there are 21 year old women who date 34 year old men, and it isn't all about the man's money.

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If dating younger doesn't bother you though, then the age difference really shouldn't matter, if you both like each other, and things are going well. I try and stay polite, but these women can be quite aggressive, and start touching & groping when it is not wanted.

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