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We may just be amateur David Lynches, but we think it'll be a damn fine time nonetheless.

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It’s possible that in the end, Donna just didn’t fit in.

Also, as Lynch has made clear in his previous films and in interviews, nothing is at it seems in “Twin Peaks.” Who knows what will happen to Donna? So, in that vein, we thought the best way to celebrate Showtime's 18-hour revival would be to rank a bunch of the show's characters -- but in a weird, confusing way instead of the normal "worst to best" way.

Boyle played the good-hearted best friend of Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee).

And while her omission from the giant cast list is disappointing, it isn’t a huge surprise.

She is the daughter of Korean-American parents who moved to the United States of America.

Her family moved around the country a lot and this made her spend her childhood traveling from part of the country to another.

While she was working in Fox Charlotte, she reported on taxi drivers who refused to pick and discriminated against disabled persons in wheelchairs.Fenn puts a lot of the blame on Boyle, who was dating Mac Lachlan at the time and didn’t like the idea of Fenn’s character getting involved with Cooper. At the time, he was saying, ‘No, her character is too young for me’,” she continued. “Literally, because of that, they brought in Heather Graham — who’s younger than I am — for him and Billy Zane for me. It was stupid.” Donna was an important part of “Fire Walk With Me,” a prequel that arrived in theaters in 1992, after “Twin Peaks” was canceled. The running story is that she had scheduling conflicts (most likely because of “Wayne’s World”).Horne recalled complaining to series co-creator David Lynch. (Audrey was supposed to be in high school, but Fenn was in her early 20s when she was on the show.) “Meanwhile he is with a girlfriend, I’m 24, 25, his girlfriend is 19. whatever.” The show introduced Billy Zane as Audrey’s love interest, John Justice Wheeler, in Season 2. But it also sparked speculation about whether she didn’t want to work with Mac Lachlan after they broke up.Sherilyn Fenn, who played high school student Audrey Horne, has said repeatedly how disappointed she was that her character didn’t end up in a romantic relationship with FBI Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle Mac Lachlan). The story, as Fenn tells it, was that there wasn’t supposed to be anything between them, but there was enough on-screen chemistry to make the writers consider making something happening between the two.That possibility faded with the introduction of Graham’s Annie, who became Cooper’s love interest in Season 2. Club interview, she cited Boyle as the reason for the development.

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