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Haruka ayase dating

Suzu is the living symbol of their father’s infidelity, but the three sisters choose compassion over bitterness and invite her to move in with them.Suzu changes schools, joins the local soccer team and begins to learn about family traditions she never knew existed.Sachi (Haruka Ayase) is the oldest and works in the terminal-care wing of a local hospital.

There are issues, but they’re only gradually addressed, with little dramatic punctuation. Kore-eda doesn’t create the neurotic tension that so often develops in Chekhov.

There they meet their 14-year-old half sister Suzu (Suzu Hirose).

Responding to the girl’s dignified, polite personality, they impulsively invite her to live with them and she gratefully accepts, moving into the sisters’ rambling old house that was left to them by their grandmother.

Even a surprise visit from their mother comes in stride, as she is also able to separate Suzu from the sins of her father.

Eventually, Sachi’s character comes to the forefront.

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