Groupbox validating event

Posted by / 03-May-2020 04:51

Groupbox validating event

NET Framework 4.6.2, there is a change in how Claims Identity constructors with an IIdentity parameter set the Actor property.

If the IIdentity argument is a Claims Identity object, and the Actor property of that Claims Identity object is not , the Actor property is attached by using the Clone() method.

If an app is generating IL that includes a ret opcode in a try region, the app may target .If this behavior is undesirable, you can opt out of it by adding the following .Note that this break is because of a toolset (MSBuild/VS) change, not because of a . It will only occur when upgrading developer tools, not when merely upgrading the . Entity Framework targets files are fixed to work with the new MSBuild layout beginning in the . Upgrading to that version of the Framework will fix this issue.Applications that depend on the previous behavior can opt out of it using it by adding the following configuration setting to the In addition, applications that target a previous version of the .NET Framework but are running under a version of the . NET Framework 4.6.2 can opt in to it by adding the following configuration setting to the Starting with the .

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