Good genes dating service

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Good genes dating service

These are small correlations obviously, but it’s what we’d expect.

After the statistical modeling using a twin design there’s a lot of talk about sexual selection and the long arc of evolutionary genetics (e.g., additive genetic variation being exhausted by selection).

Part of this is due to my reading of The g Factor: It is now well established that both height and weight are correlated with IQ.

Second, the correlation between height and intelligence is not that high.

This association is probably not going to be intuitively visible to anyone, but rather only shows up in large data sets. tests designs are culturally biased against shorter people, one wonders why this is so.

Whenever people posit a pleiotropic relationship between traits I am always curious about the possibility that the traits may be correlated (or not) in siblings.

Population structure of some sort can produce correlations, but patterns within families are often more informative of the genuine genetic basis of these correlations.

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