Gamer dating powered by vbulletin

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Topic'it allows you to access and follow all your favorite forums in a single app for free.

A last thought for all of you who don't think they use Macro's or Macro Keys.... I'm to the point where I don't even have to look up which key I mapped certain commands to anymore!If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the and discussions on all buildings types and urban spaces » Classic Architecture | European Classic Architecture and Landscapes | Public Space | Shopping Architecture | Design & Lifestyle | Urban Renewal and Redevelopment Canada | United States | Balt / Wash DC | Chicago | Florida | Miami | Los Angeles | New York City | San Francisco Bay Area | Seattle | Tampa Bay Area | Toronto | Texas | Southeast | Westcoast | Midwest | Northeast Namaste!If you use atleast the Volume Buttons on your Keyboard you are using a Macro Key and most Keyboards have a Volume /- and Mute along with Play and Pause Buttons an my keyboard also has a Calculator Button and a Windows Button which are also Macro Keys. On the mouse I currently I have 2 macro keys which are assigned to lower/raise DPI, wish I had one with more macro keys for MMORPGs due to the need to place out more hotkeys... Some even have an email and Program Hots Keys as well. but oh well : DIs print screen a I use that a lot...;) BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

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