G dragon and sohee dating

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i dont know if anybody had posted this one, im NOT saying their clothes are the same, but rather their STYLE is..in regards w/ the lyrics of his songs, GD did say that to know him more, you have to read clearly his lyrics, because he gives all his emotions in his song..Tapi tidak ada yang tahu persis sebenarnya hubungan seperti apa yang keduanya pernah jalani.It was when he got drunk and was told that he was dancing like crazy in front of SNSD members.

in addition, both, GD and Sohee, are very much well known as FASHIONISTA.

i mean GD and Sohee were rumored to be dating right?

now why would GD’s fan give him a big that would surely ignite controversy and spark some question?? maybe because, as the KVIP said, GD doesn’t care anymore! tell me if this offensive or something..) Again, i want to be an unbiased HD fan, so I tried to do some research on other GDpairing.i can say that they also have some evidences (like ours) of same shirt design, same clothes, same shoes,and also lyrics of song..

so here are my opinions: yeah, when i saw the similar clothes of GD and SOhee, i kinda also jumped to the conclusion that they are dating.then, looking at most kpop artists clothes, they sometimes are the same..

MORE especially when you come from the same company or endorse the same brand.

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