Friend dating your ex quotes

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When you lose them, you might just realize who you really are and you’re better off because of it.

[Read: 11 tips to start loving yourself again] #14 “I don’t hate you.

” It’s all about wanting to be in each other’s lives. Just strangers with memories.” Not everyone who disappears from your life did so in a negative way.

[Read: How to get rid of a toxic friend for good] Ex best friend quotes to help you get through it You’ll be bummed out for a while.

Unless they did something that was horrible enough to make you not care about them at all, you’ll go through an adjustment period. Once their needs change, so does their loyalty.” It happens.

These ex best friend quotes will help you get through that time with a little more ease. You once had a loyal friend but only because they needed something. #2 “We never really lose friends, we just realize who the real ones are.” The truth is that a real friend won’t abandon you just like that.

Even though you know it’s best, you’ll still be bummed.

But having some ex best friend quotes to make you feel better can help immensely.

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