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Make sure also that, if necessary, you call your home mobile phone operator before travelling, to make sure that roaming is enabled.

The Solution: Turn off the potential troublemakers: email and other automatically updating data services.(Typically they look at your history with them, but may also check your credit.) Part two: You may get better rates by adding an international package to your monthly service. The Issue: Although in Canada and Mexico you can dial 10-digit local numbers just like you would in the US, some special conditions apply.If you do it right, you should expect to pay less than a buck per minute.These open Wi-Fi networks are fine for casual, non-reliable usage of the internet.If you need a reliable internet connection, we highly recommend a USB wireless personal hot spot for your computer and phone. Post offices can be found in almost all villages, towns and cities.

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If you think you’ll be using your mobile phone a reasonable amount to either make phone calls within Croatia, or text and call home, you should consider purchasing a pre-paid SIM card.

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