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A filtergraph has a textual representation, which is recognized by the .

A filterchain consists of a sequence of connected filters, each one connected to the previous one in the sequence.

A filterchain is represented by a list of ","-separated filter descriptions.

In a filter description, if the input label of the first filter is not specified, "in" is assumed; if the output label of the last filter is not specified, "out" is assumed.

In a complete filterchain all the unlabelled filter input and output pads must be connected.

A filtergraph is considered valid if all the filter input and output pads of all the filterchains are connected.

Libavfilter will automatically insert scale filters where format conversion is required.

It is possible to specify swscale flags for those automatically inserted scalers by prepending Filtergraph description composition entails several levels of escaping.

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Below is a description of the currently available audio filters.