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It is the CRA’s position that the proposed legislation, effective since 2003, will apply to reduce the donation credit to no more than the actual cash payment.Furthermore, as indicated above, completed audits have shown that there was effectively no gift being made in many cases, and as a result, the donation was reduced to zero.ran a series of investigative pieces on charity scams last year available here, here and here.An accompanying graphic to the story illustrates the risk involved in these schemes.While stiffing the government, helping AIDS patients and putting some money in the pocket may sound like a win-win situation all around, participating in a tax shelter scheme is asking for trouble.The Canada Revenue Agency has a clear position on these schemes and titled a recent alert, “Warning: Participating in tax shelter gifting arrangements is likely to result in a tax bill!

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A taxpayer made a donation of $10K and received a tax credit of $21K (probably adjusted for the original donation), got audited and the taxman wants $35K in back taxes, interest and penalties.

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