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I think the board have sensibly downplayed expectations, and will probably continue their recent track record of underpromise / overdeliver.

My hope - a special dividend later this year to reflect a successful Autofocus outcome, and then results showing an increase in earnings / EPS laying the foundation for a rise in the share price. I completely agree Paul, hence my second post to correct my original post. But I still think the 8p / 80p scenario by end of this month will still be a bit far fetched, post consolidation sp will range between 50-60p in the absence of any news, in my opinion.

It just took me a while to take-in the consequence of the consolidation which ain't much in the short term peeps!!!

I think Helphire has moved out of intensive care into a relatively stable position, and expect the share price to reflect this.

If we close at 5.65p on the night before we will open at 56.5p the next day, /- whatever NORMAL daily movement there will be.

If you think that the shares will gradually shift from 5.65p to c.

Posted by simon on ADVFN thread Have read Singer brokers forecasts and here are the highlights: N 1 Singer 41,7% upside and estimate dividend yield of 8.2% FY14 Generated underlying cash of £8.5 million in Q3 PBT upgraded forecasts 2014 12% to £10.9m eps 0.50 up 24%!I predicted a strong weak, and looking at the markets as a whole Im pretty satisfied with the shares performance.This share is still undergoing a nice a steady re-rate and I maintain my end of year target of 13-16p, an increase of circa 135% from present levels.So, it wouldn't make any difference to my dividends yield from the shares, which would also apply to Autofocus dividends (if any).If I bought more shares and all the new investors would obv get more dividends / share.

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